How to shave your armpits

How to shave your armpits with a safety razor?


If you use a razor to remove underarm hair, here is the right technique to use to avoid irritation, ingrown hairs and other unpleasant experiences.



As with any other area of the body, one of the most important habits for a smooth shave is preparation. The best time is right after the shower, when the skin and hair are softer. But we've all had that moment when we're all dressed up, ready to go out, and we suddenly see a few hairs escaping from our top. Ouch! Even if you're in a hurry, apply a good foam or oil to protect your skin from the blade. 


It is important to use a blade that is not dull or rusty, as this will cause irritation. Remember to change the blade every 5 or 6 shaves or as soon as you feel it is giving you a less close shave than the first time. If you haven't used your razor for a while, change the blade before using it.

Here are some tips:

  • First, stretch your skin slightly, to give your razor the flattest path Use one hand to stretch the skin, while the other holds the razor.
  • Go for short, regular strokes. In this way you can have a better hold on the shaving angle in order toadapt it to each of your curves.
  • And the most useful tip here: shave in a star shape! Underarm hair grows in different directions. By shaving with one stroke in each direction, you'll get the closest shave possible while limiting the number of strokes and irritation.


Once the hair is shaved, pat the area dry with a towel. If you apply a deodorant, choose a natural, alcohol-free composition so that it does not irritate your skin or clog your pores.


Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo

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