About us

Go back to basics. Slow down. Focus on what really matters.

Bareaya's product range is designed to inspire change. Our mission is to facilitate your transition to a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle. If you are going to buy something new, we want it to be minimalist, natural and reusable.

Our products are designed to combine aesthetics and durability. To bring together convenience and durability. Because you shouldn't have to choose.





I'd like to to add a little word to welcome you here. I am Marjorie, French, mother of two, imperfect zerowaster and founder of Bareaya. I started this adventure with one goal in mind at that time: to create a brand that makes sense.

I wanted a business with a positive impact, and that would be a support of promotion for sustainable lifestyles (I purposely use plural because we all have our own definition and priorities). And in the zero-waste world, it is with thehe safety razors that I started out.

Why razors? Good question! I bought one to reduce our plastic waste. And it has clearly become my favourite zero waste swap. At the time, all safety razors looked the same. They were intimidating with their vintage look. I thought this was a shame because for anyone who shaves, it's an item that deserves to be discovered! So I started to work on a more contemporary and sleek design, with the idea of making it unisex and aesthetically modern.

Today, Bareaya has become a small family business. A brand that goes beyond bathroom accessories. We are continuously expanding our range of zero waste and vegan products.

I am happy to welcome you here, and I hope you'll find what you need to inspire you to start or go further in your sustainable lifestyle!

- Marjorie -









/bɛə(ɹ)/ Adjective (English)

  1. Only the essential.
  2. Simple, without artifice. Natural.
  3. Naked, uncovered. True to oneself.



/aia/ Noun (Japanese)

  1. あや, アヤ Japanese name
  2. Beautiful, aesthetic.