Loofah - Bareaya
Loofah - Bareaya
Loofah - Bareaya
Loofah - Bareaya


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The natural structure of this fibre provides effective exfoliation and is ideal for body care. Use it in circular motions to remove dead skin. Your skin comes out clearer.

It is also perfect to use as a pre-shave routine to prepare your skin for a smoother, silkier shave as the exfoliation lifts the hairs from the surface of the skin.


Material: Loofah (also spelled loofa or luffa). The loofah is a tropical fruit of the cucumber family (Cucurbitaceae). When it becomes very ripe, it dries out and the inner part of the fruit is left with only its solid fibres. It is then peeled and only the inside is kept, which become your loofah scourer. Loofah is 100% natural and fully biodegradable.

Dimensions: about 15x7cm. However, each piece is different because of its natural origin.


The dry structure can be appreciated by some because the exfoliation is intense.

For most people, however, we recommend using a damp loofah so the fibres will be softer.

Do not use on inflamed, reddened or injured skin.



Rinse well after each use

Leave to dry between uses. It comes with a cotton string so you can easily hang it in your shower.



Our loofah is delivered without packaging, with a small recyclable kraft label.

We ship this loofha compressed to reduce its carbon footprint. It will return to its original shape (round) on its first contact with water.



Made in China by a carefully selected workshop.